Measuring for UK Sizes (A-B)
Measure in a straight line from the centre of the horse’s chest (where the top chest buckle would sit), around the shoulder, along the side of the belly to the furthest rear point of the rump, or where you expect the rug to finish. Make sure not to measure around the tail as this will add extra length.

Measuring for European Sizes (Back on Track ) (C-D)
Measure the spine of the rug from wither to tail.
Do not rely entirely on the sizing label on your existing rug, older rugs usually have stretched or shrunk or the way a manufacturer has listed may not be true to size.

This is a guide only. As well as depending on the height of your horse, a lot depends on what shape they are. For example, a fine 15hh Arab will not be the same size as a thick set 15hh Quarter Horse.

Conversion Estimate Table
If your horse is between sizes opt for the larger size.

UK Size      Horse Build                  Back on Track Size
5’3″             Fine or Thick set           115 cm
5’6″             Fine or Thick Set          125 cm
5’9″             Fine                                125 cm
5’9″             Thick Set                       135 cm
6′                 Fine                                135 cm
6′                 Thick Set                       145 cm
6’3″             Fine                                145 cm
6’3″             Thick Set                       155 cm
6’6″             Fine                                155 cm
6’6″             Thick Set                       165 cm
6’9″             Fine or Thick Set          165 cm