Dog Mesh Rug Navy


The ever popular Mesh Coat for your dog is now available in Navy. Excellent for use all year round.

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Mesh Cover has a lightweight breathable outer so can be used all year round. It is lined with Back on Track ceramic fabric and can be used under an existing heavier waterproof cover during the winter. Dogs who often don’t like to wear covers tend to accept this cover with ease. The rug is perfect for pre-competition warm up and post-competition warm down.

The ceramic fabric reflects the dog’s body warmth back into the dog in the form of far infrared heat. These are the benefits you will notice.

Increase blood circulation and oxygen to the tissues

Reduces muscle spasms and general muscle pain and discomfort

Reduces pain and swelling so your dog can remain comfortable and active

Relaxes dogs that are nervous and tense

The rug features reflectors each side and adjustable lace at chest opening and at wither for optimum fit. Also has hind leg straps and tail zip.

Not for pregnant dogs.

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