Therapeutic Dog Coat Mesh Large

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 Your dog’s own body warmth makes this blanket therapeutic. Measure from the wither to base of the tail. Tail zip is included in the measurement.


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Mesh Cover has a lightweight breathable outer so can be used all year round. It is lined with Back on Track ceramic fabric and can be used under an existing heavier waterproof cover during the winter. Dogs who often don’t like to wear covers tend to accept this cover with ease. The rug is perfect for pre-competition warm up and post-competition warm down.

The ceramic fabric reflects the dog’s body warmth back into the dog in the form of far infrared heat. These are the benefits you will notice.

Increase blood circulation and oxygen to the tissues

Reduces muscle spasms and general muscle pain and discomfort

Reduces pain and swelling so your dog can remain comfortable and active

Relaxes dogs that are nervous and tense

The rug features reflectors each side and adjustable lace at chest opening and at wither for optimum fit. Also has hind leg straps and tail zip.

Not for pregnant dogs.

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Sizes Dog Rug Large

63-66cm, 67-69cm, 70-73cm, 74-77cm, 78-81cm, 82-85cm, 86-89cm



7 reviews for Therapeutic Dog Coat Mesh Large

  1. Teresa

    Love the BOT coat. Helps my pooches recovery at and after Agility and Flyball comps. Wouldn’t be without it!

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    Our dog who has spondylitis and arthritis love this rug, she will go to it when she wants it on, fits nicely, keeps her warm but not too hot for summer nights either

  3. Fiona

    I have a border collie who competes at Flyball & Agility. The Back on Track Mesh coat is a fantastic pre and post race coat that helps with muscle recovery. I would highly recommend this product.

  4. Karon (verified owner)

    Love it.. looks great with his name on it

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    Image #2 from Karon
  5. Janie (verified owner)

    This coat helped soothe aches & pains of my older dog & helped him sleep well. So we loved your coat in every way but one. The large size works well generally for my boy, a Golden Retriever, as it’s the correct body length, etc. but the neck-chest fitting is way too large. Can’t even lace it to fit, as it can’t be tightened enough. This results in the coat being dragged down his body overnight as he sleeps. Not so good! I hope you might adapt further for breeds shapes when designing future Large Size coats.

  6. Karen Bradford

    overall a great product although I would like to see the neck smaller & the shoulder drop longer. I have had to cinch the neck as small as possible to have it fit even close to covering the top of my dog’s shoulder. When this is done the neck piece sticks straight up & makes virtually no contact with the dog at all basically forming a ruff. I bought this bigger size to give my Standard Poodle more coverage in this area & was disappointed to find it doesn’t cover either the top of the shoulder nor the whole depth of his shoulder. It would be great if it covered the whole shoulder area in the same way the back leg area is covered. The zip sizing is also not particularly forgiving on a dog with high tail carriage as the next size down actually fits my dog better around the neck but I had to open an area between the end of the zip & the end of the coat so as to have it fit without pinching his tail. In neither of my Standard Poodles does the neck & chest area fit as well as I would have hoped. Other than that the coats are great & I use them often both around competition & at home as well especially when we have frosty weather as my dogs. I would love to see the design tweaked to fit a different body shape as well as the working dog types who don’t seem to have the same issues. My Poodles are kept in sporting trim so don’t have a great length of body coat.

  7. Renae (verified owner)

    Very happy with Tess’ new coat. Just in time for the competition season.

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