EQ3 Lynx Riding Helmet

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Please ensure you measure your head before selecting your helmet size.

Measuring for EQ3 Lynx Helmet 

EQ3 Lynx riding helmet has the latest brain safety technology for the equine industry (MIPS). Comfortable, well ventilated and adjustable.
The helmets meet all Australian equestrian standards.
CE VGI 01.040 2014-12 in conformity with the EHSR of EU 2016/425 and are labelled in the helmet in accordance with this.

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Back on Track EQ3 Lynx riding helmet is the wave of the future, and the next step in brain protection technology for the equine industry. The most important component of the EQ3 is the Multi-Directional Impact Protections System (“MIPS”) technology used.

The EQ3 Lynx riding helmet has made safety its first priority, but equally important is it’s comfort and style.

The removable and washable Coolmax lining creates excellent ventilation.

An independent testing by a Swedish insurance company, Folksam in 2018 not only did the EQ3 Lynx performed best of all helmets tested, it also was 30% better than the average helmet, most of which were more expensive.

Equipped with a button in the back to adjust the size for a perfect fit.

Meets the Australian Equestrian safety standards.

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Available in Black, Blue, Brown


What exactly is MIPS?

The MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet-integrated, low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. This layer creates a way for the rotational force to be absorbed and redirected rather than transmitted to the brain during an impact. It’s held in place with flexible bands that clip the MIPS liner to the helmet’s foam in multiple anchor points. The system sounds simple, but in reality, this technology was developed and tested over countless hours in a lab. Visit this page on MIPS technology to learn more about how it works.

How is a helmet with MIPS technology different from other helmets?

The Back On Track Lynx EQ3 helmet is the first English riding helmet to contain Multi-Directional Impact Protection System which has been tested over countless hours and is proven to offer better protection against rotational motion than a helmet without MIPS. Since 1996, research and tests have been performed to compare a helmet with the MIPS Brain Protection System to a conventional helmet. The results showed that it was possible to redirect and reduce the rotational motion transmitted to the brain by adding the MIPS Brain Protection System.

Helmet Fitting/Measuring: To measure for the best fit, find the circumference of the head. To begin, use a flexible tape measure and place it 1-1/2 cm above the eyebrows, skimming the tops of the ears, take it around the back of the head to the fullest part. Using the rider’s measurement and the chart below, find the corresponding helmet for their size range. Please note that the rider’s hair should be as worn when using the helmet.

Dial-Fit System: The Lynx helmets include a dial-fit system, after fitting the rider for their helmet, adjust the dial so that the helmet fits securely, then adjust the chinstrap.

Additional information

Sizes Helmet

Large 59cm-61cm, Medium 54cm-58cm, Small 50cm-53cm


Black, Blue, Brown

43 reviews for EQ3 Lynx Riding Helmet

  1. Sharon Smith

    Super comfortable and doesn’t move when jumping.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was concerned about purchasing a helmet without trying it on, but without a local stockist I took the risk and and very happy with the result. A very comfy, smart looking helmet with a great safety rating. Purchased on the Friday and recieved it in Victoria on Tuesday!

  3. Louise (verified owner)

    I love this helmet! Perfect for eventing with its style, comfort and great safety standards. Definitely recommend!

  4. Bonny Davis (verified owner)

    I love this helmet! So comfortable, great fit.. and the postage was quick!!

  5. Krista S. (verified owner)

    This was a birthday present for my 11yr old. Not only does it look great but I’m told it’s the most comfortable helmet she’s ever worn… Add in the safety features and you can’t go wrong.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Krista S.
  6. Tracey (verified owner)

    The helmet fitted perfectly on my 9yo and offers so much more protection than other helmets

  7. Erin (verified owner)

    This is the best helmet I’ve ever worn. So light and comfortable yet feels so secure and safe. Highly recommend this product to protect your most precious asset, your brain!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A beautiful helmet fits so well and beautiful design and priced so so well compared to other brand out there it truly is value for money I love your products they are truly beautiful and value for money

  9. mia

    Super comfortable, light weight and sleek unisex design. Affordable —safety ranked the highest, that over the expensive brands.

  10. Tracy Watt (verified owner)

    Of course we won’t really know unless I bang my head if it works but 5/5 for comfort and fit and back on track service during order and delivery

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product is exactly as described, arrived super quickly and is an extremely comfortable fit with a luxurious feel.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Comfortable and lightweight. Fits exactly thanks to adjusting mechanism.

  13. Natasha R. (verified owner)

    Most comfortable helmet I’ve tried and used.

  14. Kerry

    Comfortable and gives me confidence

  15. Kylie (verified owner)

    Really comfortable helmet
    Feels secure

  16. Kylie (verified owner)

    Fits well and comfortable
    Feels secure

  17. anecjackson (verified owner)

    This helmet is amazing, with a young child (10) competing at a high level, the falls are big ones for tiny bodies when they happen, this helmet hands down is the best one we have purchased to date ( 5 helmets, we do replace every time she hits her head) we are buying one each for our 8 and 6 year old

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from anecjackson
  18. Beth D (verified owner)

    Love this helmet – so comfortable and easy to wear. Fits perfectly.

  19. Heather Hamblin (verified owner)

    I have found this helmet very comfortable but not so sure if it will be ventilated enough for summer.

  20. Emma J. (verified owner)

    This helmet is amazing, so good that we have ordered a second one for our 8 year old, service was fantastic with updates being regularly offered! First class business and product

  21. Georgina (verified owner)

    My previous helmet was cracked significantly after a fall while jumping. This made me realise how vulnerable my head, indeed my brain is, so I did lots of research into finding the safest helmet on the market. Initially I was worried about buying a helmet without trying it on, however the adjusting dial in this helmet alleviated my concerns. This helmet fits perfectly, feels great to wear and looks good too.
    I now feel really protected- thanks!

  22. Barbara Cook (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and relatively light

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really happy with this helmet, fits far better than any I’ve tried on including some 2-3 times its price, and the safety of it is also very reassuring

  24. Bernadette Bilsborough (verified owner)

    Easy transaction . Quick post . Great helmet so comfy

  25. Terese (verified owner)

    Light and comfortable. I love that it has MIPS. Looks great too.

  26. Keryn (verified owner)

    Great service with timely delivery. Great helmets. I’ve ordered two and friends are trying mine and buying more.

  27. Samantha Wood (verified owner)

    Fantastic helmet

  28. Peggy Mills (verified owner)

    Very nice helmet and great fit.

  29. Kellie (verified owner)

    I love the helmet thankyou. Only negative comment is the box was damaged when I picked it up and there is a small scratch on top of the helmet.

  30. Bridie (verified owner)

    Hey! I ordered a lynx helmet last week, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love it! It is so comfortable and I love that it has the best safety features at a fraction of the price of the other helmet manufacturers. Thanks for making these available in Australia! ❤

  31. Shelly L. (verified owner)

    Great Helmet. Very comfortable. A quality product but most importantly very safe. I was concerned about the weight for my 8 yo daughter (slightly heavier than some other children’s helmets) but she loved hers also and was not concerned about the weight.

  32. Linda Conway (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. Feels very secure. Very happy

  33. Maya S

    I was given one for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Super comfortable and really nice to ride in

  34. Cathy (verified owner)

    Love the helmets, purchased 2 after reading lots of reviews on various brands. I purchased a brown for me & black for my daughter. I think the brown is especially nice & glad I got in first when we were deciding what colours to order.!
    Both fit very well with plenty of adjustment plus we think they look great.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Cathy
  35. Jane (verified owner)

    very attractive helmet

  36. Jackie Fairhurst (verified owner)

    Very comfortable …love being able to get that perfect fit & its so light

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great helmet. Super comfortable, easy to adjust to fit your head really well. Quite affordable.

  38. Lee (verified owner)

    A very comfortable riding hat that is one of the safest on the market. Reasonably priced and super fast delivery. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  39. Makayla (verified owner)

    Such a good looking and very comfortable safe helmet! Highly recommend.

  40. Dianne Ferguson (verified owner)

    No more headaches and unsightly red welts from ill fitting helmets.

    I wore my EQ3 Lynx Helmet on the weekend at my first comp in close to 3 years and I forgot it was even there!

    It looks great, feels great and is a great price.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Dianne Ferguson
    Image #2 from Dianne Ferguson
  41. katie (verified owner)

    Love the helmet and great service

  42. Sarah D. (verified owner)

    Lovely product, but did not sit well on my daughters head.

  43. Skye (verified owner)

    Lovely light weight helmet – I find it tricky to get a helmet that fits so I was nervous about buying online but have found this one to be pretty flexible and easy to fit.

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