Therapeutic Horse Royal Quick Wraps

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Keep your horse’s legs clean and tight without the mess of poultices and liniments. PRICE IS PER PAIR


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This is a great Leg Wrap for everyone. Quick and safe to use, especially for those less experienced in wrapping legs. The Quick Wrap is designed so no additional bandage is required.

This therapeutic horse leg wrap is made from state-of-the-art fabric designed to reflect the horse’s own body warmth back into the body in the form of a soothing far infrared thermal heat. This will help alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments,tendons and joints. They are used for injury prevention as well as injury recovery. Throw away your messy poultices and liniments!

The Quick Wraps take down swelling in the horse’s legs in just a few days.They also soften wind puffs or can reduce them completely.

Back on Track products are not to be compared with magnetic therapy. Our form of therapy works with your horse’s own body heat.


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23 reviews for Therapeutic Horse Royal Quick Wraps

  1. Gemma (verified owner)

    I purchased originally to aid in healing my mares’ torn DDFT and saw great results! She now wears them every night in the stable, travelling and at shows. They keep her legs tight and they’re an essential part in after workout recovery. Highly recommend 🙂

  2. Dianne Rickards (verified owner)

    Love these Wraps. They have really help my horse with his wind galls.

  3. mia

    These are the bees-knees!! We have been using for probably a decade on all of our competition horses, —I think we still even have our original pair!!

    So much easier than bandaging and the results speak for themselves. If we don’t wrap our Eventer’s legs at night in the stable or yard her legs blow up but if we do they are perfect the next day 🙂

    We have 2 sets for every horse so when one set is getting washed they wear the other pair —We just put them in the washing machine.

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  4. faye felmingham (verified owner)

    I purchased two sets of these for our showjumpers, my hubby liked them so much he wanted me to order anther two pairs, which I did. they are easy to put on, their legs don’t get over hot in them, we use them in stables, at the shows and after hard work. my hubbys good horse gets a bit of swelling occasionally and these boots go on – swelling disappears. we were at a comp on the weekend and as walking around the number of horses wearing the same boots were amazing, just goes to show the Pros, amateurs and the lower lever riders all use these boots.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product great fit

  6. Tammy S. (verified owner)

    Love these wraps i have a full set now and has helped my mare so much.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the new quick wraps I ordered!

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    Image #1 from Anonymous
  8. Jacqs (verified owner)

    Love these boots. Saved my 24 year old horse who broke his hock. The vets were shocked how quickly the fracture healed. He can now be ridden again and loves it.

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    Image #1 from Jacqs
  9. Jac

    Love love love these boots!

    I have 2 pairs for my guy, and they just work wonders for keeping his legs tip top!

    They are easy to put on, easy to take off and easy to wash and dry!

    I have friends that have them too and love them.

    Even my doggo loves his BOT mesh rug!

    Do yourself a favor and get some of these boots!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    easy to use and great quality

  11. Kate Brydon (verified owner)

    The Theraputic Quick Wrap Boots are helping to control swelling from stabbling very well.

  12. Natalia K. (verified owner)

    Love these boots- I will definitely be buying more!

  13. Hayley (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to use them during the rodeo season, wish I got them sooner!

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    Image #1 from Hayley
  14. Sally (verified owner)

    We are really happy with our Royal Quick Wrap boots. Tahlia (our horse) is recovering after work much better and has no swelling in her legs after being yarded at events after wearing the boots.

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    Image #1 from Sally
  15. Meletia D. (verified owner)

    I bought one set to try and was amazed at how well they worked on my endurance horse who had a cut on her leg. I floated her in them, paddocked her in them and it kept the swelling down and aided in healing. I took it off for one night at the beginning and her leg was swollen in the morning so I put it back on and by midday it was good again. Very happy with these!

  16. Stephanie R. (verified owner)

    Great boots so much easier than bandaging and keeps my horses legs feeling great while being yarded/stabled/transported. I’m just sorry I didn’t purchase these earlier! I’ll be getting more for my other eventing horses!

  17. Lisa (verified owner)

    Great product, fast delivery

  18. Maryann Lew (verified owner)

    good fit and appears to of assisted in recovery

  19. Hayley Hinchliffe (verified owner)

    I thank you guys and will highly recommend to everyone.. our stallion gets hot in his front legs while traveling and these boots have done wonders. Thank you again

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great fit and super easy

  21. Erin C. (verified owner)

    Love these wraps. So well made, fit is fantastic and definitely can see improvements physically in my horses when stabled/yarded for extended periods

  22. Rebecca N. (verified owner)

    Aimee loves her quick wraps. She’s so much more comfortable and happy to stride out straight out of her stable now

  23. Natalia K. (verified owner)

    I’ll be buying a set for all my horses. So happy

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