Therapeutic Mini Blanket

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The Mini Blanket is great for the elderly to use as a lap rug. It’s used to promote warmth and general relaxation and comfort. They are used extensively in nursing homes and hostels.

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The padded Mini Blanket is versatile and has numerous applications.
It is made from Welltex material that reflects your body heat. At the same time converts it to infrared waves. As a result of this blood flow will be stimulated. Equally important you will experience a general feeling of relaxation, together with warmth and comfort.
It is easily packed if you are travelling.

Available in Black only and size 50x68cm.

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4 reviews for Therapeutic Mini Blanket

  1. faye felmingham (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these before Christmas , I have quite a few injuries, I have been wrapping this blanket around my foot for the pain at bed time and within 5 mins pain has gone, I also use it during the day while resting on sore bits,my mum has arthritis so I gave her mine and she reckons it is great also, so I bought another blankie, as I call it, my hubby hurt his shoulder and if he got to bed before me he would steal it as it gave him relief from his pain as well. so I purchased another one, now everyone is happy.

  2. Amanda W. (verified owner)

    The blanket does a great job of warming the painful area that needs to be treated. It is easier to use than a traditional hot pack, because it is soft and comfortable and covers a larger area. I would like to also have the option of a blanket that is about half as big again, which would be great for treating the whole back.

  3. Anita B. (verified owner)

    Always loved these.

  4. Young (verified owner)

    Really soft and helping keep my cold tummy warm and relax.

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