Barry Lew

“I was first introduced to Back on Track products a few years ago by a freind who was using some of the human products. After seeing the effects the products had on my friend, in particular the increase in blood circulation, I thought how good they would be for my horses.

At the time I didn’t have any specific problems with my horses’ muscles and joints, but with the stress that race horses endure these days I thought it would only be a matter of time before Idid.

I initially purchased some Leg Wraps and a Back Warmer and used them both daily as part of my preventative maintenance routine. The Leg Wraps kept the horses’ legs tight and clean and the Back Warmer kept the muscles over the back loose and supple.

Prior to the Interdominion Series I bought some Quickwraps and a Mesh Rug for Karloo Mick. He wore the rug before his races to warm up his muscles in the shoulders, back and hindquarters. It kept him relaxed and comfortable. I put the rug on him after the race, and on the days between races to keep the blood circulating, which helped disperse the lactic acid in his muscles. The Quickwraps were applied after his races to take down any swelling and also as a preventative measure for his tendons.

I wouldn’t be using the Back on Track products if they didn’t work.”

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