Chris & Jenny Kappler

“While travelling to Europe our magnetic blanket broke, and we were stuck without any therapy for our horses’ backs during the most difficult months of showing. A friend lent us his ceramic Back on Track back pads and we used them in place of a magnetic blanket all summer. We felt that they worked remarkably well and were very light and easy to use while travelling. The horses do not sweat in the pads, but instead have an area of real warmth on the particular muscle group that you target. Some of our horses use a back pad on a specific area before exercise, and some have a blanket that they wear all night in the stable. All of the horses that we use the Back on Track products on seem comfortable. Chris feels that it is very important that his horses start their exercise with warm muscles.

We have used the back pads on two particular horses with great success.We have a small Argentinean horse with a lot of soreness and muscle atrophy in his back. He lives in the Back Warmer. We sewed it into his own blanket.

We also have a warmblood mare with a very “cold back” who is extremely “girthy”. She also lives in a Back on Track ceramic sheet (blanket) and is much easier to mount because of it.”

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