Pelle Westman

Pelle Westman is one of Sweden’s most skilled sail producers. He sews the sails himself which places a lot of strain on his shoulders and elbows. During the last eight years he has had pain in his joints and muscles, and he has not been able to sleep on his left side. Initially Pelle wore his Back on Track long sleeved T-Shirt periodically, and did not experience any substantial improvement.

He then decided to wear it day and night over five days whilst staying at his summer house. Throughout this period his personal perception of pain changed dramatically.

Pelle tells us:

“Much of my pain is now gone. Looking at the past summer I now realise that wearing the long sleeved T-Shirt on most days enabled me to keep active, including refurbishing the windows on my factory. So the reason I have less pain is certainly not because of rest. I am also now sleeping much better, regardless of which side I am laying on. All credit for my improvement must go to Back on Track.

In general I do not believe in things like this, but it came to a point where I had to admit something has helped me recover from the pain that was impairing my daily life and work.”

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