Danielle Pieretti

Rehabilitation Vet Nurse from Victoria

I have a 9 year old female chocolate Labrador named “Sugar”. Sugar has suffered quite a few traumas throughout her life. Most recently she was run over by a caravan. She was initially diagnosed with a herniated diaphragm and a few days later she developed a perforated bladder. That night she suffered ventricular tachycardia and I thought she was going to die. She made it through the night and began to recover a few days later but she was very uncomfortable and restless.

A client told me the back on Track products would help Sugar’s recovery so I bought a dog blanket. The first night Sugar immediately snuggled down in it and slept for 5 hours. This is the first real restful sleep she’s had since the accident. She appeared to be very calm and comfortable and her breathing was less strained. In the morning she looked more refreshed.

Thank you from both of us, Danielle and Sugar

Jono Berry

2010 Australian Nations Cup Representative and 2011 NSW Senior Showjumping Champion

I was first introduced to the Back on Track range by a friend who is a big believer in the products, and it wasn’t long after that I tried some of the products on my horses and made the decision to make it a key player in my horse maintenance.

I introduced the Quick Wraps to the younger horses and the Leg Wraps to the more experienced horses, and noticed much cleaner, tighter legs. Since introducing these products I have also been able to stop using poultices, which helped cut down time and irritation to the horses legs.

I leave the rugs on the horses as long as possible and believe they are extremely helpful in my warm up for competition, they are a fantastic product and I highly recommend any of the Back on Track products to all horse enthusiasts.

Jimmy Takter

Premier Trainer, USA

I have been using Back on Track’s horse blankets and clothes with great results. The horses start off feeling more loose and relaxed, like they have already been warmed up. I’ve seen a noticeable difference on horses with sore backs. They are, without a doubt, the best therapeutic blankets on the market.

I use it as a regular stable blanket, leaving it on over night, and the cost is not much more than a good winter blanket.

I would like to add that the clothes (shirts, gloves, long johns and socks) have been a lifesaver during this year’s cold winter. They keep you really warm. I can comfortably say that the T-Shirt has really helped my sore back.

Jenny Damm

Gold Medal Winner, Agility World Championships / National Championships, Crufts winner agility, Winner of the Year Agility Dog, active national and international agility instructor.

Back on Track products for dogs can be used to warm up your dogs’ muscles before exercise, thus reducing the risk of strains or injury. Most importantly, the products have a dual capacity to prevent injury as well as ease and expedite the recovery of already present injuries. Your dog will wear these products comfortably as they contribute to its well being. May help arthritic dogs to move more comfortably.
I’ve used other blankets on my dogs for several years, but it was when I started using the Back on Track dog blanket that I noticed the diference. My older dog Lotus has a hip joint problem. He’s very sensitive to the cold and becomes stiff easily so Back on Track has been a great help… compared to the usual dog blankets available. Stiffness that may appear after a rest period completely disappears after diligent use of Back on Track.

Natasha Larson

To the Back on Track team: I want to thank you for all your help and support for my Alaskan malamute, Jada. She loves showing off her new coat and it’s helping the mobility in her hind leg. It’s also helping with her mood and motivation.

She’s so happy when she wears it. So once again, thank you.

Val Newell

Retired Nurse, Victoria


I am Val Newell from Victoria, Australia and I’ve been suffering from Poly Arthritis for the past 9 years. Poly Arthritis is when you have some type of arthritis in five or more joints. Arthritis types can include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Lupus and Gout.

The arthritis has affected the joints, muscles and bones in my entire body. It’s also reduced the function of my tendons and ligaments and causes stiffness. I was in constant pain from my toes up to my head.

I first heard about Back on Track products on Channel 9 Current Affairs programme about 5 years ago. Although I had pain everywhere, I was most concerned about my hands. Not having full use of them was devastating for me as I was no longer able to do the things I enjoy. So I firstly bought a pair of Back on Track gloves. Within a few days I noticed a significant reduction in my pain. To me it was like a miracle. I was able to get back doing what I love – gardening. After having so much success with the gloves I have since purchased more products. I’ve got Long Johns, Socks, Back Brace, Knee Brace, Ankle Brace, T-Shirt, Sweater, Mattress Overlay, Mini Blanket and a Pillowcase.

After I’d been wearing the Back on Track products for a while my husband, who is a doctor, took me to see a rheumatoid arthritis specialist. I was wearing my T-Shirt at the time and I pointed to the logo and said to the specialist, “Look at this.” He said “Back on Track, what does that mean?” My husband answered him simply, “Peace.”

My daughter suffered with a bulging disc in her thoracic spine. She was in terrible pain. I sent her a Back on Track neck brace to wear and within days her pain had been reduced to a level she could tolerate while waiting for surgery.

Many people make comment on me wearing so many Back on Track products, particularly the gloves in the summer season. They ask if it really helps. My answer to that is “It sure does.”

Michael Cavuoto

Martial Artist, 5 Black Belts, South Australia

On 17th December I jumped from my truck and landed in a ditch and rolled my ankle very badly. I heard it crack and thought I had broken it. The pain was excruciating.

I sat there for a while before I could manage to get up. When I got home my wife took me to the hospital and the doctor in turn sent me for x-rays. That night my wife wrapped my ankle in a Back on Track mini blanket and that eased the pain. (My wife is the agent here in South Australia for the Back on Track products and I must admit until now I was a bit skeptical).

The next day I went back to the doctor with the x-rays and she said she hadn’t seen such a badly rolled ankle in a very long time and that I had severe ligament damage on both sides of my ankle, and I would need crutches and physiotherapy immediately. The doctor said I would not be able to go back to work for at least 3 weeks, and even that was doubtful because of the type of work I do. She asked me what type of pain relief medication I was on and I told her none. She duly gave me a prescription for some strong pain relief medication which I might add I didn’t have the scrip made up. This was on Friday 18th December.

Over the weekend I kept my foot and ankle wrapped in the mini blanket day and night. On Monday I went to work. The swelling in my ankle had gone down considerably and the pain had subsided. I was able to put my boot on which prior to that I had no hope.

On Tuesday I started wearing a Back on Track ankle brace. During the day this kept the pain and swelling to a manageable level and provided my ankle with the support required. I continued with the mini blanket treatment at night.

I found these products to be absolutely amazing. I had one day off work, no pain relief medication other than the Back on Track products, and no physiotherapy. Being a Martial Artist with 5 black belts and a Kick Boxer I am more than aware how long injuries take to heal.

I would thoroughly recommend these products to anyone. They are fantastic and the results speak for themselves.

Aimee Deane

University Student - Perth, Western Australia

I was diagnosed with Raynauds Syndrome and Lupis SLE in 2000 when I was 12 years old. Raynauds Syndrome is a loss of circulation to the extremities, especially hands and feet. The first sign I had that something was seriously wrong was my fingers turned blue. My Mum thought I had spilt blue ink on my hands. I also had swelling and numbness in my hands and feet, and they were constantly cold.

Symptoms of Raynauds Syndrome are not treatable with drugs so we started looking for a natural alternative. My Mum heard about the Back on Track products through a family friend. She initially purchases some socks and gloves for me to try. I experienced relief almost immediately. My hands and feet had not felt this warm and comfortable for a long time.

The Back on Track products have allowed me to enjoy everyday activities again. I wouldn’t be without them.

Michael Matz


“I started using the Leg Wraps as a means to cool out sore shins and to reduce pressure in the joints and have had good success.

I had a filly that was very light over her back and took quite a while to warm up. I tried the blanket on her and it made a big difference in her attitude and her performance on the track.”

Gil Rowntree

Thoroughbred Trainer

“The Back on Track leg wraps I would say have reversed some shins that started. When the shins showed up I started using them and kept training and they went away.

I can honestly say that since I started using them 3 years ago I haven’t had any buck shins. I started off with one pair and kept buying more.

I also use them post operative and there seems to be a benefit there too.”

Stephen Bradley

Olympic rider

“Back on Track products allow for my horses and I to recuperate from all sorts of ailments. Rather than using harsh and abrasive topical solutions to draw out aches and pains (such as liniments or alcohol) we use the power of Back on Track ceramic products for horses and rider.

By increasing blood flow and keeping tendons and ligaments tight while allowing muscles to be warm and loose, the Back on Track products give my horses and I that competetive edge that other products can not provide.

I recommend the Back on Track line of products to all of my clients and students to have as a main part of their horse and rider care regimen.”

Beezie Madden

Olympic rider: Gold team medal in Athens

“I like Back on Track products because anything that’s good for my horses is good for me. Back on Track leg wraps and back pads have proven themselves to me. We have been using them for a couple of years and I can say without reservation that my staff and I have seen a dramatic difference in our horses’ legs.

We have used them on horses with chronic problems as well as horses returning to work, and I must say that we have had positive results on 100% of the horses.”

Chris & Jenny Kappler

Olympic rider: Gold team medal and Silver individual in Athens. Grand Prix trainer and rider

“While travelling to Europe our magnetic blanket broke, and we were stuck without any therapy for our horses’ backs during the most difficult months of showing. A friend lent us his ceramic Back on Track back pads and we used them in place of a magnetic blanket all summer. We felt that they worked remarkably well and were very light and easy to use while travelling. The horses do not sweat in the pads, but instead have an area of real warmth on the particular muscle group that you target. Some of our horses use a back pad on a specific area before exercise, and some have a blanket that they wear all night in the stable. All of the horses that we use the Back on Track products on seem comfortable. Chris feels that it is very important that his horses start their exercise with warm muscles.

We have used the back pads on two particular horses with great success.We have a small Argentinean horse with a lot of soreness and muscle atrophy in his back. He lives in the Back Warmer. We sewed it into his own blanket.

We also have a warmblood mare with a very “cold back” who is extremely “girthy”. She also lives in a Back on Track ceramic sheet (blanket) and is much easier to mount because of it.”

Michelle Gibson

Olympic rider: Bronze team medal in Atlanta

“I put Back on Track blankets on my horses as much as possible. It really keeps their bodies supple and loose. I can feel the difference right from the beginning of the warm-up. When their bodies feel good, they are happy and ready to do the work.

Also the No Bows are fantastic. The horses’ legs look and feel tight and clean after using them. Everybody should use Back on Track products!

I love Back on Track’s new therapeutic saddle pads. I use them on a daily basis to aid in keeping my horses healthy and comfortable in their backs. The horses are more supple with the Back on Track saddle pads and they are of great quality and fit perfectly.

I use all the Back on Track products. They have helped my horses and myself stay sounder.”

Barry Lew

Owner and Trainer of Karloo Mick, Winner of 2 heats of the 2009 Interdominion Series and 3rd in the Final.

“I was first introduced to Back on Track products a few years ago by a freind who was using some of the human products. After seeing the effects the products had on my friend, in particular the increase in blood circulation, I thought how good they would be for my horses.

At the time I didn’t have any specific problems with my horses’ muscles and joints, but with the stress that race horses endure these days I thought it would only be a matter of time before Idid.

I initially purchased some Leg Wraps and a Back Warmer and used them both daily as part of my preventative maintenance routine. The Leg Wraps kept the horses’ legs tight and clean and the Back Warmer kept the muscles over the back loose and supple.

Prior to the Interdominion Series I bought some Quickwraps and a Mesh Rug for Karloo Mick. He wore the rug before his races to warm up his muscles in the shoulders, back and hindquarters. It kept him relaxed and comfortable. I put the rug on him after the race, and on the days between races to keep the blood circulating, which helped disperse the lactic acid in his muscles. The Quickwraps were applied after his races to take down any swelling and also as a preventative measure for his tendons.

I wouldn’t be using the Back on Track products if they didn’t work.”

Lesley-Anne Taylor

Winner of the 6yo Class at the CDI Championships in Sydney 2009.

“Since being introduced to the Back on Track products I am seeing very impressive and positive results in all my horses. Their backs are softer and more supple and their legs are clean and tight. The quality and design of these products is outstanding, and they look fabulous.

I feel the Back on Track products played a very important role in my success with Amicelli Gold at the recent Sydney CDI Championships”.

Steffen Peters

Winner of the Rolex FEI World Cup Final 2009 in Las Vegas and Olympic rider: Bronze team medal in Atlanta.

“I must say I believe the Back on Track products have helped my horses tremendously. We noticed a huge difference in the tightness of their legs, and suppleness in their backs at the Aachen Horse Show where the stress of competition is huge.

We have used the No Bow leg wraps for a while now and I can’t believe the difference.”

Pelle Westman

Sail Manufacturer

Pelle Westman is one of Sweden’s most skilled sail producers. He sews the sails himself which places a lot of strain on his shoulders and elbows. During the last eight years he has had pain in his joints and muscles, and he has not been able to sleep on his left side. Initially Pelle wore his Back on Track long sleeved T-Shirt periodically, and did not experience any substantial improvement.

He then decided to wear it day and night over five days whilst staying at his summer house. Throughout this period his personal perception of pain changed dramatically.

Pelle tells us:

“Much of my pain is now gone. Looking at the past summer I now realise that wearing the long sleeved T-Shirt on most days enabled me to keep active, including refurbishing the windows on my factory. So the reason I have less pain is certainly not because of rest. I am also now sleeping much better, regardless of which side I am laying on. All credit for my improvement must go to Back on Track.

In general I do not believe in things like this, but it came to a point where I had to admit something has helped me recover from the pain that was impairing my daily life and work.”

Leslie Reynolds

I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee and have been experiencing continued pain. Though the cartilage was repaired, arthritis was found, and is most likely the source of the pain now.

Luckily I was loaned a Back on Track knee brace by a friend and after only a few hours of use, it gave me amazing relief. I have since purchased a knee brace for myself and I have several friends who have also purchased some Back on Track products.

Henrik Nilsson,

Gold Medal in Olympic Games in Athens 2004, K2 Canoe 1000 metres.

I would not have got my injured elbow in order without Back on Track’s Elbow Brace. I really felt that the brace increased my blood circulation.

These products help pevent injuries and hasten recovery after training. I wear the Elbow brace and T-Shirt between all my regular training sessions. They work well in replacing massage therapy, which often becomes too time consuming when training frequently. I find them smooth and pliable compared to neoprene braces I’ve tried, all of which seemed to restrict my blood flow as well as the ability to bend my arm.

These Back on Track garments and braces do not impair movement. They breathe well, and you do not sweat excessively under them. It is a great product for avoiding interruptions to your training and help you advance in your sport.

Nathan Dillion-Smith

Motor Bike Competitor

As a result of a motor bike accident I suffered a severely broken knee that required surgery and many weeks of recovery.

My Mum used Back on Track products on her horse and insisted I try the Knee Brace for humans. The physio is very pleased with my progress and the degree of movement my knee is getting. I know the Back on Track product is really helping as after a few days of wearing the knee brace I could feel the warm sensation of extra blood flow to the area.

Thanks to Back on Track I will be returning to work much sooner than first predicted.

Warren Backhouse

Warren Backhouse, trainer and rider of Reining Champion Shiney and Nu

I was finding it hard to get Shiney and Nu up for consecutive competitions. The morning after competing he had obvious signs of muscle soreness, so I decided to try a Back on Track rug and Quick Wraps on him overnight. The following morning he came out of his stall dancing, free from muscle soreness and bright in his appearance.

Amazing transformation!

Now all my horses wear Back on Track and I recommend them to anyone competing or training horses.

I wear the Back on Track T-Shirt which has helped with my aches and pains.

James Rattray

Trainer of Beautide

I first found out about Back on Track horse products while working in the US. I then travelled to Europe and every horse person had this product.

Beautide and the rest of my team regularly use the Back on Track leg wraps. Beautide uses them for general maintenance. They keep his legs tight and cool. I’ve found he recovers a lot quicker after races.

I only have positive things to say about my experiences with using Back on Track products. I will be keeping them on all my horses and would recommend them to anyone training horses.