Beautide wins Miracle Mile 2013

I first found out about Back on Track horse products while working in the US. I then travelled to Europe and every horse person had this product. Beautide and the

Warren Backhouse

I was finding it hard to get Shiney and Nu up for consecutive competitions. The morning after competing he had obvious signs of muscle soreness, so I decided to try

Steffen Peters

“I must say I believe the Back on Track products have helped my horses tremendously. We noticed a huge difference in the tightness of their legs, and suppleness in their

Lesley-Anne Taylor

“Since being introduced to the Back on Track products I am seeing very impressive and positive results in all my horses. Their backs are softer and more supple and their

Barry Lew

“I was first introduced to Back on Track products a few years ago by a freind who was using some of the human products. After seeing the effects the products