Warren Backhouse

I was finding it hard to get Shiney and Nu up for consecutive competitions. The morning after competing he had obvious signs of muscle soreness, so I decided to try

Nathan Dillion-Smith

As a result of a motor bike accident I suffered a severely broken knee that required surgery and many weeks of recovery. My Mum used Back on Track products on

Henrik Nilsson

I would not have got my injured elbow in order without Back on Track’s Elbow Brace. I really felt that the brace increased my blood circulation. These products help pevent

Leslie Reynolds

I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee and have been experiencing continued pain. Though the cartilage was repaired, arthritis was found, and is most likely the source of the pain

Pelle Westman

Pelle Westman is one of Sweden’s most skilled sail producers. He sews the sails himself which places a lot of strain on his shoulders and elbows. During the last eight